Rentals in Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh

Updated July '20

Commercial Rentals in RBS A:

Park center on Dolev(and Timna), next to post office 2 shops 25 and 50 sqm NIS 150 per sqm plus VAT, also 75 sqm shop available(option for 90 ideal for food/restaurant
Park center on Dolev(and Timna) OFFICES of various sizes , NIS 75 NIS per sqm plus VAT
Offices in RBS A commercial center on Kishon, up to 360 sqm (can be divided into smaller areas)


Ramat Bet Shemesh A Rentals:

2 rm ,Zeelim,Ramt Shilo, suitable for couple/office NIS 2,200
6 rm on Dolev,3 air exposures, invested kitchen, large porch with view NIS5,000 immediate
4 vrm Revivim, well kept, storeroom, view NIS 3,950
3 rm Uriah, magnificent view, airy & bright NIS 3,700
4 rm Dolev, View, option for long term, NIS 4,500
6 rm cottage on Kishon, off the main street, large garden NIS 5,500 Bargain!
4 rm Noam, upgraded throughout ,large succa porch NIS 4,600
3 rm on Kishon, 55 sqm, fully furnished NIS 2,600
4 rm Bsor, new air conditioners, storeroom & pkg NIS 4,500 from 1/9
2 rm on Refaim, fully furnished NIS 2,600
3 rm , Zohar, central, new kitchen, view NIS 3,600
7 rm duplex of approx. 200 sqm on Dolev,large 260 sqm garden, feels like a villa! NIS 8,500 Flex!
4 rm Matta, ample salon, new kitchen, storeroom , immediate NIS 4,550
7 rm duplex, Ramat Shilo, private entrance, garden, upgraded kitchen NIS 7,500 a beautiful home come and see it!


We have many other properties in RBS A for rent, please ring our office 0528966807


Ramat Bet Shemesh G1 Rentals:

4 rm Ydo,quite street, view, low floor NIS 4,500
5 rm Yirmiahu,central a/c, 3 bathrooms NIS 5,000
5 rm Elisha,new penthouse, great view, NIS 5,500
5 rm Yirmiahu, a/c , bars from 15/10 NIS 4,500
3 rm Yechezkel, low floor from 15/8 NIS 3,800

We have other properties in RBS G1for rent, please ring our office 0528966807


RBS G2 For Rentals:

- 3 rm on Amos,brand new, airy & bright NIS 3,500
- 2 rm Natan, brand new, fully furnished NIS 2,800


Sheinfeld area Rentals:

3 rm on Ben Eliezer, a/c on each room, immediate NIS 2,850

We have other properties in Sheinfeld for rent, please ring our office 0528966807

Givat Savyion Rentals: (10 minute walk to Sheinfeld and Nofei Aviv, growing Anglo Dati- Leumi community with its own Shul)

2.5 rm unit on quiet street, immediate NIS 2,850 includes arnona
4 rm , fairly new, central location NIS 3,500
2 rm , 40 sqm on cul de sac, fully furnished NIS2,800


For Rent in Migdal Ha Mayim:

5 rm on Revital, airy & bright, succa porch ,master bedroom with walk-in closet, immediate, reduced to NIS 4,600 flex


For rent on Givat Sharet:

4 rm on HaCalanit,invested, garden, suitable for handicapped, NIS 4,200 immediate

We have many rentals in Ramat Abraham (brand new area RBS A entrance)please enquiry at our office

Updated 27/7/2020

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